At Maaco, we offer three paint packages!

Tailored to your specific needs and budget concerns: Basic, Preferred and Premium.

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Our experienced team and advanced equipment, we are able to repair your vehicle to manufacturer standards, & completely restore any vehicle. When we’re done, your car will look as good as it did before the accident. We perform everything from body work and paint jobs to frame straightening and more. Our painters are factory trained to color match and finish texture as well.


Lindsey did a very good job fixing my car. She only quotes you for what is really necessary to fix. They did a very good job. Very pleased with their service. I’ll definitely recommend them to anyone.

Tazusa Sakura

Excellent work on the tailgate and bumper of my Ford F150. The work looks like new. They were very responsive to the schedule I asked for. Highly recommend them. All were very professional and courteous

Craig Kolling

Had a Retro 1971 VW Squareback painted 2-tone with their premium job at $2800. Very smooth job and the 5 year warranty is reassuring. The only beef I have is that the entire interior shell was to be painted black and they failed to paint the floor and cargo area.


This Maaco team specifically from all other Macco teams is the best one that i have ever worked with. it was fast, convenient, amazing quality, and they shocked me with the price for the awesome job they did. I was ready and accepting whatever high price because the job was top notch, yet it was cheap. Lindsey, the assistant manager is a respectful person and knows what must be done and they fixed some minor things in the car that I wasn’t expecting to be fixed in the first place. Small things yet a good gesture that I appreciate. I will be working on another car and I know where to take it for a paint job.

Saleh Alajmi

Overall the actually work on my car was good. I had a couple areas that needed repainted due to scratches. The reason for the poor review is due to them being sloppy with the cleanup. When I picked up my car there was white stuff all over the back of it and a few areas inside. It’s just frustrating that my car was returned to me like this when I paid over $700 for a service from a very well-known company. Next time I will just go elsewhere.

Christina Valdez

AMAZING customer service! Had an unfortunate accident on my front bumper and hated that it looked so obvious with my white car. They were extremely understanding that I had a budget and definitely took that into consideration and gave me a great deal! Would absolutely recommend this place to anyone who is looking for affordable collision repairs/auto painting.

Brittney Stratton

Great service. Fast turnaround time. Rear end looks new again after accident. Awesome work. Thank you.

Paul Morales

NEW OWNERSHIP!! brought my car here for a full paint about a year ago. The experience was not the best under the old ownership and have recently returned for a small issue with the paint on the roof of the vehicle. Eddie and Lindsey went above and beyond to take care of the paint issue and even repainted the hood of the car to make sure it was perfect. Highly recommend this shop despite any experiences people may have with the old ownership. Thank you again.

Kevin Hermiz

WOW! Best experience ever, the staff was welcoming and friendly, and got my car fixed very fast. I had some paint coming off the front bumper from someone hitting me, and a small dent and some paint off from a different person hitting me on the back bumper. Took it in just to get the front done, and since they had extra paint they surprised me and re-did the back to no extra charge. I was so thankful, grateful, and appreciative. 10/10 would recommend this place, they went ABOVE AND BEYOND what I expected, and the work was excellent. Thank you!

Shelby Rose

Do yourself a favor and come HERE!!! I needed to have my bumper repaired (it was so bad!) and have my car painted, let me tell you not only did they work to get me an amazing deal for my budget, but the work was done extremely fast which was so important because I was on a time crunch!! Thank you!!!! Their staff was super friendly and made me feel like they actually valued me as a customer! I’m a repeat customer for life.

Jenna Gage

I took my car in for a paint job and was told by the staff that this location was under new ownership. I could tell they really valued customer service as they worked with me on getting the best deal for my car. With discounted rates and an extra offering from the owner Rod, they made me an offer for a base coat, clear job that I couldn’t refuse.

Not only did they give me an amazing deal, they finished the car in lightning fast time. 4 days! For a job that typically takes 10. I am thoroughly impressed by the service, the time and the quality of the job and I recommend everyone in the area to consider this location for their next paint job.

Message to the staff: Thanks for looking out for college students and working with me on my budget. Great job!

Jonathan Martelli

Great service, quality of work was excellent, and the price was even better!! Highly recommend this shop.

Barak Gavriel

Brought in 2 body parts for 2 different vehicles professional work professional service great price highly recommend.

P Riena

They did really good job at repair my rear bumper. And the price is good, they also help me clean my car. Very nice! Looks brand new!

Jinkun Zhuang



At Maaco, we offer three paint packages tailored to your specific needs and budget concerns: Basic, Preferred and Premium. What makes each of the three services unique all comes down to two factors: Longevity of the paint, which includes warranty/durability, and the appearance of the paint, which includes gloss, color match and metallic appearance.


Before & AfterLooking for greater durability, but need to stay at an affordable price? Our Preferred Service is your best bet and comes with a three-year warranty. This single-stage application uses urethane, which resists chipping and is much more resilient than enamel finishes.


When it comes to the best look and performance, there is no topping our two-stage Premium Service. Complete with a five-year warranty, this service offers the highest level of durability, best possible glossy finish and superb color match that you will want to show off for years


It is our quality procedure that helps sand, buff and polish away those little imperfectionsThe Platinum Package is a bundled package of several incredible services that will ensure a superb paint job. Included is light chip & scratch repair, priming and block sanding of all areas after initial prep service and urethane sealer. We offer a five-year warranty against fade of gloss and peeling.

Spot Painting

Sometimes turning the car you drive, back into the car you love is as simple as a little touch up. So, whether it’s your door, hood or bumper that needs a touch up, Maaco can offer you easy, affordable and reliable options.

We’ll target the areas needing repair and make sure adjacent panels are chemically cleaned and block sanded to give a precise and flawless surface for painting. We then use a multiple masking process to ensure an accurate “blending” of the new and old car paint so that the transformation is flawless.

Our Collision Repair and Service

The first stage in the auto body repair process is to bring your car in for an assessment. We will assess the damaged area recommending either repair or replacement of damaged parts and components, depending on what is the most cost effective for you. We will also repair areas where it is more cost effective to retain the original equipment; damage such as dents, dings and plastic repairs.

Removing/Replacing Parts

At Maaco we know that you are conscious of the cost. Therefore we offer three price levels when it comes to replacement parts. A more cost effective option is Aftermarket. While new, these parts might not necessarily come from your vehicle’s manufacturer. Recycled parts are the most cost-efficient. They come from vehicles no longer considered ‘road-ready’ but still adhere to safety and function standards. So if parts replacement is necessary, these three options provide flexibility to help you proceed with confidence.

DetailingDust. Lint. Dirt. At Maaco, our commitment to perfection in your repair job means we never let such imperfections stand in the way. It is our quality procedure that helps sand, buff and polish away those little imperfections.

It starts with wet sanding, spread evenly over the area and then smoothed out. Next we carefully buff the area using a liquid compound. Then it’s on to the polishing, a critical step in restoring that shine to your paint and clear coat and getting that damaged area looking as good as new.

It’s with our finishing process that your spot-painting process is truly finished… and perfect.

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